Our Amazing Partners

In order to provide additional diagnostics and services in-house we work alongside various partners. Below are some of the services that are offered through our amazing partners:


Specializing in ultrasonography (abdominal ultrasound), echocardiogram with cardiologist interpretation, fine needle biopsies, tru-cut biopsies, and cavity centesis.

HESKA Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

In order to identify, diagnose and treat your pet’s dermatological issues related to environmental allergies.

Synergy VIP

In order to offer teleradiology, radiographic (X-Ray) interpretation.

Datamars Petlink

Offers the most advanced, reliable and affordable microchipping service

Antech Diagnostics

The largest veterinary reference lab in the United States, offering outstanding lab result turnaround times and a world-class team of board certified specialists and pathologists for expert consulting and reporting.

In Memorium Pet Services

In order to provide the highest quality individual & communal cremation, as well as, a clay paw print keepsake.


To provide support on radiology reads with artificial intelligence. We are now able to receive instant radiograph interpretations that are smarter, more precise, and more exacting. With this advanced diagnostic tool, we can improve the odds that a minute detail on a radiograph will be picked up and help a patient’s outcome.


We have partnered with ElleVet Sciences to provide in clinic Hemp/CBD + CBDA oil products, for dogs and cats, in the form of gel caps, soft chews, oil, and feline paste to help with anxiety, dermatological and mobility issues. They are the first and only company to conduct clinical trials with proven results.